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Snow Transformation Pack for Windows

Transform your Windows into Mac OS X Snow Leopard !!

At last, it's here. The most versatile transformation pack of Snow Leopard with cooperation from many talent artists in deviantart. This program will change the way you look at your Windows Vista/7 to be like Snow Leopard. It will set a new standard for what transformation pack should become. The program is redesigned on latest update from Seven Transformation Pack branch with easier and better in every aspect.

Snow Transformation Pack comes with the following main features below:

    * Add applications to emulate Snow Leopard features like Dock, Spaces, Shadow, etc.
    * Change default logon screen background to default Snow Leopard wallpaper
    * Change system branding logo to Snow Leopard
    * Change system configuration such as taskbar position to look close to Snow Leopard
    * Change system icons and graphics to Snow Leopard
    * Change system theme to Snow Leopard
    * And much more

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Elementary Rainmeter 1.3

Elementary for Rainmeter, ver. 1.3

Simple, clean Rainmeter skins, for someone who does not need to monitor their overclocked 6-core processor,
but does want the time and date on their desktop.

The Elementary skin set currently includes time, date, weather (current conditions and three-day forecast), basic system monitor, and "chronophage" (ornamental/time tracking) skins.

User variables / options are consolidated in: (your skins folder)\Elementary\
Edit the values in that file to change the fonts, color, weather location code and temperature unit, etc.
Check out this FAQ file for explanations of the file and how to change settings!

Be WARNED that changing the font WILL throw off the positions of all the text and you WILL have to edit the .ini files yourself to fix it.
Download   |   Website


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